VIP Info

We have 3 VIP Levels available


VIP is account bound

VIP Benefits:


Silver: Price: 20 DP or 240 Ascendance Points

-50% more honor

-50%more Arena points

-VIP World Tag

-VIP Mounts(single character)

-VIP Companion(account bound)

-Free Race, Faction, Name Change

-The ability to skip dungeon/raids quest/item requirements

-25% more MGs, you must not be in a party for this to work

-VIP Buffs(10% more stats, 10% stun duration reduced, 5% melee/caster speed, 5% damage taken reduced)



Gold VIP: Price 80 Gold Coins or 60 If you are upgrading from Silver VIP


-Everything that is available to Silver VIP+

-VIP Status (15% movement speed, 10% damage done increased, 10% healing done increase)

-Account wide mounts (you must own the mount at least on a character)

-Account wide Titan's grip/Dual wield

-50% Bonus MGs, you must not be in a party for this to work




Platinum VIP: Price 150 Euro, you must contact _hyped_ on Discord to purchase it


-Everything that is available to Silver/Gold VIP+

-Unlimited access to cosmetics(mounts, Mogs, Wings etc)

-5x Main stats token

-5x Attack power/Spell power tokens

-5x Haste tokens