How to create a custom weapon

Few easy steps to create a custom weapon in-game

1.You need a base. You can purchase one in-game for Ascendance-Points or Gold Coins/Donation Points

2.You need tokens. You can purchase them in-game or directly on the website.

3.Use the Teleporter/Teleporting Orb and select "Upgrade Zone"

4.Equip the weapon you want to upgrade and click on "Hephaestus"

5.Select the Status you want to Upgrade/Add.


6.That's it. The bonus will be applied immediately. 


For the current content, the stats are capped at:

Note: The bonuses are not active in Battlegrounds

Main stats 150k(15 tokens)

Attack power 300k (15 tokens)

Spell Power 300k(15 tokens)

Haste 3k (10 tokens)

Weapon Damage 100-130k(10 tokens)

Hit/Crit/Exp 1.2k (4 tokens)

Meta Socket 3 slots (3 tokens)

Regular gems 3 slots (3 tokens)