Server Information


This is Instant 255lvl fun server running on patch 3.3.5 (WOTLK version) with a customs patches and Addon (AIO Addon) and WoW.exe files needed to be downloaded to use all the futures the server offer.

(You can download them from the Server Website or the Discord group in category “How to connect “)

As an easy-to-use guide I’ve made Explanation about the Teleporting Orb and then VII different description chapters which are:

I.                 – Gearing Up

II.              – Types of Currency in the game

III.          – How to get them

IV.         – What they can be used for

V.             – Prestige

VI.         – Runes

VII.      – Other Items


Entering the game


As a starting you can choose to play the class you want with the option to select it with any Race you want.

After creating your character ,you will be spawned in the “Mall” ,near the spawning area you will find some NPC's that will help you get everything you need to start your journey(Starting Set & Weapons/Trainers/Glyphs)

In order to help you a little bit there is a free buff for all with duration of 1h.(Type .buff to use it)

After preparing your character for action ,you will find “Teleportation Orb” in your bag .This is the portable version of the Teleporting gadget you will use often.(We will call it TP in short)


Let’s learn a bit more about the TP


Explanation of options in the TP

1) The Mall (chill out zone and everything you need)

2) PVP Zone ( Well it’s a PVP zone :D )

3) Custom Dungeons (Dungeon for getting equipment)

4) World Bosses in short name “WB”

5) Elite Zone it’s divided on 3 zones

5.1) Isle of Conquest (Dropping T1Gem Bags and Sigil of Power)

5.2) Strand of the Ancients(Dropping T1Gem Bag and Sigil of Power)

5.3)Tanaris in the Storm(Dropping in % chance - Weapons Enchants(NEW),Sigil of Power,Transmog Tokens,Equipment Enchant Tokens)

6) Upgrade Zone(Transmog NPC’S and DP related NPC’S)

7) [Patch Required] The Lost Isles - (divided by 2 zones)

!Important In order to be able to visit those two zones, you will need to complete the quests:

“Ancient Rivalty”,“Conquest’s Trial” and “Unveiling the Lost Isles”

7.1)World Bosses (Harder WB with more rewards)

7.2) Elite Zone (Drop tier 2 Gem Tokens - “ Gemstone Shards”)

8) Faction Cities (Most of the basic capitals from your faction)


Important! In order to use the TP you should be out of combat


Time to see how we can get stronger

I.Gearing Up

Now you need to get stronger gear, use your TP and go to “Custom Dungeons” category, there you will find 6 levels of Dungeons, starting from Dungeon Level 1 up to Dungeon Level 6.Entering in every Dungeon no matter of the level there will always be a NPC (A Quest Giver) in order to be able to go to next level dungeon you have to finish the quest .At dungeons levels from 1 to 3(included) you will get items as a drop from bosses and % drop from monsters. In dungeon level 4 things change, From the bosses you will get materials needed to buy the set/off set and weapons, and from the mobs your get tokens (also needed for purchasing the Level 4 >T4 set).

Important! You need full T4 items in order to get stronger because after T4(Set Tier 4),in dungeon level 5, you will get materials (similar to those in dungeon lvl4),which are needed to Upgrade your T4 parts (By using Upgrade item added from the start in your bag).

The Upgrade system is the same from T5 to T6.

Because currently Dungeon Level 6 is the final/highest dungeon, the quest given by the NPC in the start of the dungeon is for Talisman.


The Talisman is another future in the server to add bonus stats to your character,  divided by type of Elements(Fire/Ice/Earth/Wind/Lightning), each giving different stats.

Ice Talisman – Gives % Increased Damage

Fire Talisman – Gives Attack or Spell power

Wind Talisman – Gives % Reduced Damage Taken

Lightning Talisman – Gives Stamina and Agility/Stamina and Strength/Stamina and Spirit or Stamina and Intellect

Earth Talisman – Gives Haste

You will be able to level them all(all elements) up to 10times.

In order to level them, you need to have:

1)The element type of the Talisman.


2) Sigil of Power (10 for one update)

3) Sandworn Relic

4)MG – The higher the Level upgrade ,the more MG it wants.


Lets learn a little bit about currency


II.Types of currency in the game


  1) Vote points – short name VP

  2) Donor Points – short name DP

  3) Gold Coin – short name GC (same as DP)

  4) Ascendance Points – short name AP (EP old style)

  5) Magic Gold – short name MG

  6) Player Verses Environment - short name PVE Points

  7) Player Verses Player – short name PVP Points


III.Explanation and how to get it


1)VP – By voting every 12h in the web page

2)DP – By donation with real money

3)GC – A few ways to get them(just by playing)

3.1) Exchanging AP for GC (12AP=1GC)

3.2) Exchanging VP for GC (30VP = 1 GC)

3.3) Getting 5000 rating in PVE = 3GC

3.4) Getting in top 5 in the PVE rank list before reset=10GC

3.5) Reward from Events/Giveaways/Redeption Codes

4)AP – Ingame time(without AFK) (max 6pts per 1h)

4.1) You get 2 points per hour normaly

4.2)Get 2 more bonus if you voted in the last 12h(total 4/h)

4.3)Get plus 2 more if you have completed „Wanted Quests“(World Bosses Quests) with the character you‘re online.(If you completed 4.2 & 4.3 you will get 6AP/h in total)

5)MG – You will get MG from Every Boss you kill, no matter in a dungeon or WB or Elite zone Mobs.

The amount of MG you will get from them depends on:

5.1) How many players are in the group/raid(devide the pts)

5.2)If you got any VIP status and depending on the type of the VIP(Silver/Gold/Premium)

5.3)The level of your guild(The guild gives bonuses like MG drop and item drop rates and etc.)

6)PVE – Getting pve ranking only from things that gives you MG.

7)PVP – Not released yet.But probably by winning BG or Number of Kills during BG(or both)


Next we will see how we can youse all of the currency listed above


IV.Explanation what can they be used for:

  1) VP – Can be used to exchange them for GC (true AIO addon) 30VP = 1GC

  2) DP – Can be used to purchase Donor Items/Stats for Donor Weapons/VIP status/Gem slot for Donor Weapons and etc.

  3) GC – Because GC is the same as DP,GC can be used for everything described above.

  4) AP – Can be used to Buy Token for Donation Weapons/VIP Status/Gem slot for Donor Weapons and everything that you can get with GC(Because VP can be exchanged for GC / 12AP=1GC)

  5) MG – MG is necessary in order to Upgrade Set Parts/Talisman levels/Removal option for the Runes/Tittles and Rune Bags.

  6) PVE – There is a PVE ranking board ,and ranking reward depending on the PVE score you’ve achieved during the week. There after reaching milestone of 100/200/400/800/1500/2000/2500/3000/4000 you will be rewarded with “PVE Ranking Token” .Upon Reaching 5000 you will be rewarded with 3GC. On every 1000 point after 5000 points (6000/7000/8000 and etc.) up to 15000, you will be rewarded with Enigmatic Seal Satchel.

There is also PVE Ranking Board (NPC in Mall),where you can see the top 10 players with highest PVE Weekly Score. At Weekly reset time (Saturday at 6:00PM) top 5 players will be rewarded with additional 6GC.

  7)  PVP – Since PVP (Battleground or Arenas) are not released yet ,there is not available information up till this moment .When PVP is released , information will be added here.



Prestige is a another way to make your character stronger.

From doing WB (% chance drop) and WB daily quest ,you can get Prestige Satchel.

Prestige Satchel is a bag full with different amount of Prestige XP.

There are different Passive Buffs(Prestige Spells) you can learn on levels 1/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17.(Max level is 17)

In the Mall there’s NPC called “Spell Master”(Next to the WB Quests Giver NPC) you can learn them there.After learning a Prestige Spell,in your Spell Book will be added a new tab named “Prestige”.There you will be able to see the spells you’ve learned and activate them.(from all 9 skills,6 of them are passive and 3 are active ,meaning you must click on them to use them[something like permanent biff])The 3 active ones are “Triumph of the Light”,”Evasive Aura” and “Alacrialic”



Runes are one more way go get even stronger.

1)Rune Levels – Each Rune Level unlock Rune Slot and the possibility to use Runes with higher stats.

2)Rune Types

2.1) (Grades) – As usual we got 3 grades (Rare/Epic & Legendary) The higher the grade ,the better stats they give.

2.2) There are 3 types of Runes:

* Lunar Essence - Can be received by purchasing “Moonlit Bounty Satchel” sold for 3PVE Ranking Emblems in the NPC named “Goblin Siegeworker”(He can be found in Mall next to “Weekly Top Ranking” (PVE) NPC

* Mystic Seal – Can be received true winning the bags(on roll) dropped by the Bosses in Rune Events

* Luminar Gem – Can be reviewed true buying “Radiant Luminance Satchel” for 3000MG sold in the “Esc Shop” true AIO addon.

Lunar Essence,Mystic Seal and Luminar Gem are not runes.They are items needed to purchase the runes.

Runes can be purchased from 3 NPC’S in Mall(Use the TP to teleport in Mall and look left)


And here’s some information about items I didn’t mentioned above.


VII.Other Items

1)Bags – There are 3 grades of Caster and Melee bags(Rare,Epic and Legendary).You can get them from WB Daily quests as a reward in form of “Bag Chest”

2)Mount Tokens – Can be received as a % drop chance from WB. They can be used for purchasing good looking mounts with 110% mount speed. The NPC is in the Mall next to mount trainer.

3)Meta Essence – Can be used to purchase Meta Gems with higher stats from NPC that can found in mall .This Meta Essence are % drop chance from WB.

4)Gemstone Shards – Can be used to purchase different kinds of color gems(blue/yellow/red and etc.) from NPC in Mall. The Gemstone Shards drop in [Patch Required] The lost isles – WB as a % drop chance or in the Elite Zone drop by the Elite Mobs there.

5)Wings Token – Can be used to purchase different visual wings for your character from the NPC next to Prestige Skill Trainer in Mall. Wings Token drops as a % chance from WB in The Lost Isles.

6)Cosmetic Token – Can be used to purchase all kinds of different Weapon transmogs from the NPC’S in the Upgrade Zone.Cosmetic Tokens drops as a % chance from WB.

7)Transmog Token – Can be used to purchase all kinds of different Armor transmogs from the NPC’S in the Upgrade Zone.

Transmog Tokens drop as a % chance from WB.